Temporary storage systems offer a quick, efficient and cost effective way to increase your storage capacity. For only pennies per bushel you can handle up to 2 million bushels.

Koehl Bros can install a new temporary grain storage solution or update your existing solution. Koehl offers full service construction or parts to maintain. Fans, aeration, replacement walls, guard rails, center towers, pile conveyors…Koehl will build the solution to fit your budget!

WALL PANELStemporary grain storage

Wall panels can be configured to the needs of your system. Try a patent-pending wall design that provides maximum airflow. Durable galvanized finish wall sheeting and supports. Balance your footprint availability and capacity need with 3 different wall heights. Available in 3.5’, 6’ or 8’.

PROPER AIR FLOWtemporary grain storage fan

Each aeration system is designed individually, based on the system’s size, grain depth, grain type and layout. Full, round, perforated duct is laid on the floor of the system. The duct is connected to a centrifugal or vane axial fan located outside the system between the wall frames. Plastic, perforated air duct is laid over the top of the grain pile on a rectangular system at specified intervals to supply overhead intake of air under the tarp. Aeration fans are placed on a suction system, drawing intake air through the overhead plastic duct and through the sidewall and then exhausting it through the fans.


We offer a full line of tarps to ensure your grain is protected. Our integrated internal strapping system and Velcro rain flap with grommet connection will protect your grain from the elements.


Koehl offers a fast and easy solution to attaching the bunker cover to the lift ring. Instead of using a double plate attachment system to attach the cover to the lift ring we use snap hooks that are sewn into cover at equal spacing. We then have a flashing that attaches to the upper part of the lift ring along with our tower skirts, giving you a fully enclosed tower that is weather resistant. instead of taking a 1/2 day to attach your cover to the lift ring, it can easily be installed and ready for deployment in less than 1 hour.