GSI Farm Dryer

Portable Dryers allow you to start harvesting your grain earlier at higher moisture levels and to dry it in bins on the farm, increasing yields and improving profits. You’ll shorten wait time during drying, minimize weather risks, reduce dry matter loses, and reduce head shatter loss.

GSI offers the most technologically advanced and reliable grain dryers on the market today. We also offer the widest selection of dryer models, suitable for a wide variety of applications. All GSI grain dryers feature easy-to-use, state-of-the-art controls, heavy-duty galvanized steel construction, and industrial grade electrical components. The portable dryer covers the smaller to middle capacity 5 point removal requirements from 220 to 2,450 BPH dry & cool and 420 to 4,000 BPH all heat. GSI grain dryers can help solve even the most complex grain conditioning problems.


Easy User Interface: Vision comes equipped with a large color graphical display with easy-to-use touch screen controls, and its simple user interface makes operating your dryer an easy task. Should you have any questions, Vision’s owner’s manual is available on-demand and on-screen at the control box.

Functional: Located directly on the dryer or in your control room, Vision controls can be remotely mounted up to 1,000 feet away from the dryer using a simple seven wire harness.

Efficient: Each safety is monitored individually and its status is displayed on-screen. You can check the minute by minute records of dryer status or review the list of dryer shut-downs, catalogs by date and time. Vision makes data management simple and headache-free.


GSI’s Static Moisture Sampler was designed to eliminate plugging and accuracy issues experienced in heavy debris conditions. Debris Guards ensure a trash-free sample, while a SideKick Auger mixes and delivers a uniform representative sample to the test chamber. You will get the most accurate results with GSI’s Static Moisture Sampler.